About Us

Arlington Public Library Staff

  • Andrew Kelton, Director

  • Pat Grabitske, Assistant

  • Kathy Bierstedt, Aide

  • Ardis Husfeldt, Aide

Arlington Public Library Board (APLB)

  • Galen Wills, Chair

  • Jean Olson, Secretary

  • Sheila Arneson

  • Susan Morrisette

  • Pauline Wiemann

  • John Thomes, Council Representative

  • Richard Nagel, Mayor

APLB meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month in February, April, September and November. 5:30 pm @ the Library.

Arlington Public Library League (APLL)

  • Galen Wills, Chair

  • Jean Olson, Secretary/Treasurer

APLL meets with the Arlington Public Library Board as outlined above or as needed.

Sibley County Library Board (SCLB)

  • Christian Lilienthal, County Commissioner Representative

The SCLB meets on 4th Wednesday of the month at 8:30 a.m. Locations rotate monthly and are available via Zoom link.